Preparation is NOT a moment but a Process

Last Sunday was a HUGE DAY in the life of Impact Church. Many responded to the call to RALLY TOGETHER and prepare to see God do amazing things in our midst. Some recommitted to their formal Covenant Partnership, while others engaged the process to become Partners. (40 people joined us last night for the Connection Point.) Still others are praying about how God wants to plug them in here at Impact.

This idea of PREPARATION is not a one-time moment from last week. It’s an intentional process.

Therefore this weekend during Part 2 of the RALLY POINT series, we continue to PREPARE our hearts for God’s amazing work by taking the next step by SERVING. Serving is not something we want you to take lightly or respond to at the end of the service without prayerful consideration. So I wanted to get this information out to you during the week so you and your family could begin praying about how you may respond at the end of the service Sunday.

When it comes to serving in the body of Christ, there is a lot to say about our motive and willingness. Serving is not a response to feeling guilty or pressured because there are needs within the church. Likewise, we cannot serve because we think it will appease God somehow. We serve because we are called and its how God accomplishes His work and blesses us in the process.


So in preparation for a great Sunday, would you do two things?

1) Pray this simple prayer through the rest of the week:
¬†¬† “God, how do you want me to best serve in my church moving forward?”

2) Take a look at the 8 general areas of serving (LINKED HERE) that are available
and prayerfully ask if any of them fit in your area of giftedness and


Sunday during the service Pastor Donnie is going to challenge us to once again prepare for all that God wants to do in here at Impact and in our lives personally.


See you all Sunday!

Pastor Daniel

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