Impact Blogging

Communication is critical to relationships…


One of the values here at Impact is communicating. Relationships matter and therefore communication matters. One of the ways we want to communicate better is through more consistent blogging and social media.


  1. Connecting a Biblical Worldview
    We want to connect with our church and our city throughout the week in a meaningful way. Throughout the week when something is going on in our culture we want to engage it. We will strive to produce content with a biblical worldview and encourage people to seek God’s Word for the answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Therefore, blogging throughout the week helps connect God’s Word with daily life.
  2. Connecting with Important Information
    So much happens from week to week at Impact. Calendar events can help hold the date but where do we talk about purpose and vision? Our blogs give the platform to explain the importance of an event or how you can get further involved in the midweek activities of the church. We are not here just to worship together on Sunday mornings and then return to our daily lives. We want to connect during the week as well.

We don’t write blogs to make a bigger name for our church or even to make a bigger name for ourselves. We spend time on these blogs and time on social media to be a resource for you!


Impact Church Staff