Friday Night – Date Night!!!

Friday Night – Date Night!!!

Impact Church

time 6:30 pm

July 27, 2018

Friday Night, JULY 27th 6:30-9pm!!! (FREE BABYSITTER)

Every couple wishes that their marriage was stronger, happier, more intentional. The problem is that strong marriages don’t just happen.

Here at Impact Church, we are for your marriage! We want to help you strengthen your marriage by being more intentional with your spouse. Let us help provide the small step you need to start moving your marriage in a better direction. We say “better direction” because not every marriage is in crisis, but we could all be more intentional. Strong marriages make strong families. Strong families make strong churches. Strong churches make Christ known in their city.

IMPACT CHURCH wants to help you with DATE NIGHT. The cost and burden of childcare can often be difficult for families and therefore, couples don’t go out and spend quality time together. We want to remove the babysitter obstacle. So, ask your spouse out on a date and WE will take care of the babysitting for FREE. We will also send you a few good suggestions for date night, if you need a little creative help.

1) Reserve a spot for your kids at the church. (CLICK HERE)
2) Drop your kids off at the church with our highly qualified sitters at 6:30pm Friday, July 27th.
3) Go have dinner, walk on the beach, take a stroll downtown… but talk and be together.
4) Pick up the kids by 9:00pm.


NOTE: There will be a limited number of spots for childcare. So please sign up now.
CLICK HERE to reserve your childcare.