College Students

UNCW Campus 1.8 miles down Randall Parkway
CFCC Campus 3.6 miles down Market Street

Welcome College Students!

Whether you are starting your freshman year or heading back to campus for another year, it’s important to find a church you can be connected with locally. Here at Impact Church, we believe that God has placed us here for YOU! The proximity of the church to both campuses makes it easy to get connected. We are just over 1 mile from UNCW’s campus and under 4 miles from CFCC’s downtown campus. In fact several off-campus student apartments are even closer.


Why go to church?

The church exists, in part, to help us walk daily close to God through community. We can learn a lot and be encouraged just by being around other Christ followers. As well, YOU are an encouragement to them. God has placed you here in Wilmington for the next several years, therefore put down roots and grow spiritually.

I know what you may be thinking…
I’ll go to church when I go home” or “there’s no church here like my home church“.

Response #1: Your journey of faith is a daily walk, so you cannot afford to wait once a month to go home to your church.

Response #2: There is something special about your “home church” and no church can replace that, however you need community while you are away.


Finding your church

As a college student, you can offer a lot through your time, your gifts, and talents to a local church. But how do you go about choosing a church? Here are some thoughts:

Find a church that preaches and practices Gospel-centered living. This is by far the most important characteristic to look for in a church. Are they teaching from the whole of scripture and do they have a high view of God’s Word? Do they encourage you to rest in the grace and mercy of what Christ has done through the cross and His resurrection? Do they actively seek to put faith into action personally and corporately?

Find a church that is open and warm. There’s nothing worse than coming into a church environment and feeling as though no one cares about you spiritually or whether or not you’re there. Whereas, openness and warmth may find different expression in different people, genuine Christian love is unmistakable. If you are looking for a place to share your life, the church you attend needs to feel like family away from home.

Meet with a pastor. You can learn a great deal about a church by talking with the pastor. Ask questions about the vision and mission of the church. Where there is vision and direction, you will find a vibrant church worth attending. Then, if you really want to blow them away as “how can I get involved in serving”?

Make a commitment. You need to visit several churches, but once you’ve decided on one, commit yourself there. When the semester begins is the best time to make church part of your schedule. If you “float” too long other less important things will crowd your schedule. You may even need to make a commitment to your family or pastor back home to be connected to a local church by a certain date. This will provide the type of accountability you may need to jump in. Be careful not to “church hop”. Your spiritual grow depends on your knowing others and being known personally.


The Perfect Church

No church will be perfect! It will most likely feel a little uncomfortable the first time you walk in a new church. It may be smaller or larger than you prefer, they may sing different songs that you aren’t familiar with, or the preaching may not be just like your hometown pastor. However, little personal preferences can be overcome by the truth of the gospel knitting our hearts together in Christ. Don’t miss out while you at school!

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