Ways to Serve

March 25th, 5:30pm


The COVID-19 Pandemic is no doubt having a direct impact on our city. This will increase in the coming days and weeks and with it the physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional needs of all affected. In times like this, fear and anxiety tend to overshadow truth. We as the church must speak out and act out the truth and push back the fear and anxiety.

What is the truth? The truth is God is. He is sitting on His throne in total control. He remains the loving, gracious, all powerful, merciful God He was, and is, and forever will be. Which means, we, as his hands and feet must be the representation of this truth in our city.

What does that look like practically? Words are one thing, but what specifically can we do to assure that the name of Jesus is made much of and the story of the COVID-19 is not fear, sickness, and death, but rather the life giving, soul saving glory of Jesus Christ?

The elders of Impact Church want each of you to prayerfully focus your efforts to this end in 3 specific ways.

1. Support Vigilant Hope. 

Vigilant Hope is a local non-profit that focuses on helping those that may slip through societies cracks by encouraging the haves to reach out to and help the have nots. As you can imagine, during an event like COVID-19, the have nots are struggling even more than normal. Impact Church reached out to VH and asked them how we could help them minister to their community of need. They listed the following specific needs:

Donations Needed for Monday and Saturday Breakfasts

Bottled water (preferred) or bottled juice 

Soft granola bar (Nutri-Grain or any other type) 

Fruit (oranges, bananas) 

Hot Dogs 

Hot Dog Buns 

Individually packaged chips 

Condiment packets (ketchup, mustard, mayo) 

Flavor Packets for bottled water (gatorade, lemonade, etc.)

Additional Supplies Needed

Hand sanitizer (Yes, we understand the miracle it would take to find this!)

Cleaning supplies- Lysol Spray is particularly needed

Toilet Paper 

Non-perishable food items 

pop-top canned food- canned meat, ravioli, etc.  

peanut butter 

packaged nuts 

beef jerky 

fruit cups or applesauce cups 

peanut butter crackers 

* Choose items from the list above or you can use their Amazon Wish ListClick Here

We will be collecting these items at the church. Drop them off in the foyer between 1pm – 3 pm daily, Monday thru Friday. We will then deliver them to VH.

2. Be a Light in Your Circle. 

There are needs all around you. Show the love of Jesus by meeting those needs.


 1. Reach out to elderly neighbors that may need grocery shopping, errands, or other needs done for them.

 2. Look for financial needs you may be able to help meet for neighbors or friends that may not be working because of the social distancing efforts (Food service industry, etc.)

 3. Call, text, FaceTime your friends and neighbors and ask how you can specifically pray for them. Ask them how they are handling all of this. Show them that Jesus loves them by intentionally showing your love to them. #ThoughtfulThursdays

 4. If you know health care workers or first responders on the “front lines” reach out to them and let them know you are praying for them and find a way to show them they are loved.

3. Be Prayerfully Vigilant. 

COVID-19 is not going to go away tomorrow or the next day. The longer it lingers the more needs that will arise. Commit to setting aside a time each day to specifically pray for how God may specifically use you as his hands and feet.

In the coming days and weeks the needs will become greater, but our God is greater still. In His perfect design, He desires to use you to meet those needs. Be obedient. Be willing.

Love because He loves you.

Serve because He has Saved you.   

Give because He Gave All for you.